5 Reasons why SEO matters for local business

From what we can see in this graph most sources related to to directing traffic to a website has to do with SEO. Too set up Google AdWords for your business can be expensive. Although it may take a bit longer SEO will give you the same results at much cheaper price. Google maps will let people know where you are situated and enables users to find your services according to your area.

More and more people are turning towards digital

As more people start to use the internet less people tend to read news papers and printed media resources to look for services they require. Be part of this transformation and use the resources which are becoming more popular to your advantage

People are more likely to trust higher ranking companies

People trust Google and therefore if Google rates a company higher people will more easily trust that, that company is trustworthy

Your website will rank higher when people look for your service in your area

Your website will appear higher when people are looking for your type of services in your are. For example: Computer training Roodepoort. At first you will appear higher in your suburb but in time you will start ranking in your town

You will be more visible on Google and social media

More and more people use social media every day

The correct traffic will be directed to your website

SEO uses keywords which applies to your business and uses those keywords to determine which website is best for the spesific search

Your competitors are most likely using SEO. Why give them the advantage

More and more people are making use of this tool, why wait for other for your competitors to use it before you do. Contact us today to see how we can help your business grow.

In conclusion

The world is evolving and as a result advertising and marketing is evolving with it. Get into the movement early so you can reap the benefits of the new technology to take your business into the future