SEO Services


We can create a website that will inform people about and attrack them to your business.
We also specialise in helping small business in South Africa to grow and promote their digital presence on the internet, by helping them make the most of their website.

Services include:

  • Online advertising

We help you to advertise your website online all in a way to make your website appear higher on Google. Be seen by thousands of people everyday who buy online. More and more people these days turn to the internet nowadays when looking for a particular product or service

  • Rank higher on Google when people search for you product in your area

You will appear higher when people are lookong for your services in your area e.g. Computer training Roodepoort. Google use specific algorithms to decide where to place your website. We have the key to these algorithms and would like to use it to help your website to attract more customers.

  • Promote your website on social media

Be seen on Social media where many people will see your add everyday. Also done in a way to make you rank higher. 40%  of the global population (approximately 3.819 billion people) are on social media which should give you an idea to how powerful this form of marketing can be for your business.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization refers to the process of how to use tools on the internet to get your business appear closer top listing people will see when looking for producer type of service in your area. We will place adver all over the internet. Each advert wil help your business website to rank higher on Google.

  • Advertising on Business directories

Be seen on Business directories all over the internet where people are looking for services they require. There are a lot of them and takes a lot of time to advertise on all of them yourself, that’s why we would like to do it for you